cthulix.com index preview status consulting Craig Turner, distributed computer engineer (As of Feb 2021, Craig has no capacity available to take on new clients, and this page has been removed from the topmenu.) Domains Automated trading Design+build of distributed computers Principle-driven reform of troubled systems Experience Global hedge fund (2017-2020) Designed and built a >1000 core distributed computer for processing complex HTC workloads. Getco Execution Services Europe / KCG Europe (2010-2016) Responsible for the smart order router, algorithmic trading platform, dark pool, ccp/etr clearing facility. Mentored by original architects of the Nasdaq and LMAX engines. Logicscope (2008-2010) Built /TradeSTP Connect/, a hosted platform for transforming and delivering post-trade FX and Prime Broker messages for the world's leading FX participants. Acquired by IHS Markit in 2011. Contact cratuki at the search-engine email provider. Based in London. Zoom fine.