cthulix.com index preview status consulting consulting Craig Turner, distributed computer engineer Domains Automated trading Design+build of distributed computers Principle-driven reform of troubled systems Experience Global hedge fund (2017-2020) Designed and built a >1000 core distributed computer for processing complex HTC workloads. Getco Execution Services Europe / KCG Europe (2010-2016) Significant contributor to the GES smart order router, algorithmic trading platform, dark pool, clearing facility. Mentored by original architects of the Nasdaq and LMAX engines. Logicscope (2008-2010) Built /TradeSTP Connect/, a hosted platform for transforming and delivering post-trade FX and Prime Broker messages for the world's leading FX participants. Acquired by IHS Markit in 2011. Contact cratuki at the search-engine email provider. Based in London. Zoom fine.